Friday, 4 March 2011

Choosing the right Builder

Choosing the right builder

Whatever building work you are considering it is likely to be one of your biggest capital expenditures. Your building project is probably a long planned for home or home improvement, so you want to make sure your dream does not turn into a nightmare. Whether it is a new build, the conversion of an existing building, an extension or swimming pool choosing the right builder is crucial. You want a builder who will do a quality job for a sensible price.

For a successfully completed project it is important to spend time in the pre building planning stages. It is crucial to find a builder with the right expertise and one who will complete your project without going over your original budget.

How do you know which builder to choose?
  • Look for a building company that guarantee the work they do.
  • Look for a builder who belongs to the National Federation of Builders
  • Get recommendations from family, friends and neighbours
  • Compare estimates and quotations from different building companies
  • Ask for two or three references
  • Ask if your builder is insured – and check the certificate
  • Don’t pay for work in advance
  • Avoid builders who are offering ‘VAT’ free deals
  • Use a builder who will manage the whole project
  • Ask your builder what the quotation covers and what is not covered
  • Ask your builder if you will need planning permission and if this is the case how does the process work.
  • Set a budget and include a contingency budget
  • Check the builders’ web site look for examples of their work, customer testimonials and information about the company itself.
  • Choose a builder who provides a design & build service.
  • Ask to see show homes
  • Ask about the expertise of joiners, bricklayers, plumbers and sub contractors.
  • Your quotation –ask your builder about hidden costs, how will they be covered.

And finally ……
A good builder will have quality check processes in place for critical stages of the building process. This will make sure any problems or difficulties which arise are dealt with effectively and cost efficiently. Ultimately chose a builder who fulfils of all this criteria, a builder you feel you can trust and one you can work with.