Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Barn Conversion? What you need to consider

It’s everyone’s dream, to buy an old barn and convert it into a stunning and spacious home with private landscaped gardens in a peaceful location in the countryside. The dream to create a wonderful and original home with all the space you need for yourself and your family.

From derelict barn to a home that provides exactly the space and rooms you want needs careful thought and planning. The first crucial step is to find an expert, someone who has the experience and skills to guide you through the whole process. Doing this will ultimately save you time, money and a lot of stress.

Your expert will have been through the whole process before. Even better if you can find an expert who can take care of the whole process from initial idea, through design, planning and building.

What you need to consider?
ü  Is the barn listed?
ü  Do you need planning permission from change of use from agricultural to residential and how likely is this to be granted?
ü  Are you going for a traditional look or do you want to combine an old building with a modern design?
ü  How will your barn be connected to the mains? An agricultural barn might not have had mains services. What will this add to the cost?
ü  How sound is the structure will any timbers need replacing? How will this affect the overall design?
ü  Your expert should be able to provide you with quotes and costings for the whole process broken down into individual stages and processes. This is where you will save time and money by using one expert for the whole process.
ü  What rooms do you need? How many reception rooms? Do you need a home office? How many bedrooms and how will they all fit into the overall design. Do you plan for a games room or garden room? Will you need an extension to provide extra space and how will this impact on the overall design?
ü  Using an expert who will have the knowledge to know which designs will be accepted by planning and make the whole process simpler for you.
ü  How will your barn be heated? Ask your expert about running costs and energy saving elements

Remember barn conversions are not the cheapest option for your home in the country, but they do have the promise of light airy rooms, large living areas and a comfortable and truly original home.

To find an expert in barn conversions check on the Internet or ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Look for someone who has experience of barn conversions, someone who can show you completed barn conversions and who has testimonials from satisfied customers.

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