Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Look after your listed property

With any house or property it is always advisable to check the property on a regular basis. Many people simply respond to property damage and repairs when it has often gone beyond a simple problem. Doing this often deals with relatively minor problems before they become greater and more expensive. This is even more important with listed buildings.

Something as simple as checking the guttering when it rains can prevent more serious problems. Spotting a leaky guttering can be fairly easily and cheaply repaired, leave it and you risk damage to internal plaster and roof timbers. Checking for damp patches can also show up underlying problems that if left can lead to potential serious repairs.

Check for crumbling brick or stone work, simple repairs can often put these problems right while leaving them can lead to more significant damage such as to chimney stacks.

One of the most common causes of damage to properties in the UK by fire is the result of electrical faults. This is often a problem with older and listed buildings so it is essential to make sure your electrics are safe. Checks by NICEIC registered electricians will show up any problems before they lead to more serious damage.

For any property it makes sense to check before serious problems arise, for a listed property it is even more important as owners have a greater responsibility to rebuild on a like for like basis. 

Finally don't forget to check your buildings insurance on a regular basis to make sure you are adequately covered for any necessary repairs.